El Paso is a city in the west of Texas. It’s located by the river Rio Grande, across the border from Mexican city Juarez. Summertime in El Paso is hot and not really humid. Winters are dry and mild. It rains in summer, thunderstorms are common. Sometimes it’s bad enough to cause hail or flash flooding. El Paso also can get some snow. In 2011 snowfall even caused a mini-crisis with a blackout and school and businesses closing. Also some parts of El Paso sometimes suffer from flooding.
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Get a pair of real Rocketbuster boots to walk the streets of El Paso in the right shoes. When you’ve done that, go and see a rodeo show to get some authentic experience. Then get a ticket for Viva! El Paso show, a live performance you won’t forget. That’s one of a kind show about four centuries of four cultures that existed in the city of El Paso. Want to feel adrenaline rush? Sunland Park will be a right fit for you. Here you can gamble and flirt with Lady Luck. Or place your bet in horse racing and maybe you will win! To keep feeling the vibe, visit Indian Cliffs Ranch. Get a piece of stake, meet longhorns and feel like the Old West is still here.

To explore the nature of the Wild West, go to Franklin Mountain State Park. Or if you travel with your family, check out Western Playland, an amusement park with many cool rides. Adventure Zone is a good choice too, with its’ games and go-karts. If you want to connect with your art-loving side, your first destination will be El Paso Museum of Art and many other museums in the city.
For even more authentic experience we could probably tell you to travel by horse but let’s not go into the extremes. Of course, your car would be much better of an option to get around El Paso.

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