First Time Ever the Celebration of Holiday Lights Takes Place before Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upon us.  It’s time to reflect on the things that we did or were hoping to do at the beginning of the year.   It’s also time to reflect on moving forward to embrace new changes.   For El Paso residents...Read More

Is a U.S. Citizen’s Life More Valuable than a Foreign National’s?

Once in your life you surely thought about this question. But you didn’t find an answer. So, what’s the value and meaning of life? Can you say that a U.S. citizen has more values than a foreign national living in the United States? Or does any ki...Read More

New Bike-Friendly Lanes are Coming to El Paso: “It’s a stress reliever”

More bike lanes are coming to El Paso, to make the city more bike-friendly. People who use the lanes daily said they’re happy to finally see El Paso recognize the need. "I try to stay on the bike as much as I can,” s...Read More

Solstar: Introducing Wi-Fi in Space with the New Shepard Crew Capsule

A company based in Santa Fe has started up testing an incredible project like no other in West Texas! And guess what? It involves having WI-FI in space.   Solar Space Co. came up with a new idea a few...Read More

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