Electric Residential Bills to Rise in El Paso Area

El Paso Electric's previously announced $14.5 million rate increase for its El Paso-area customers became final Thursday after it was approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission. The general increase is 2%, but residential customers will see b...Read More

El Paso Area Welcomes Self – Driving Trucks

Self-driving trucks have been hauling refrigerators about 650 miles along Interstate 10, from El Paso to a distribution center in Palm Springs, California.   Partners Embark, Ryder and Electrolux are conducting what amounts to elaborate dr...Read More

El Paso Went Up in Trade to 10th in The U.S.

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Commerce, El Paso went up one notch to the United States’ 10th largest exporter on the list of 388 metropolitan areas.   El Paso is just below Dallas and just ahead of San Franc...Read More

One Week Passed Since the Harvey Hit Texas. Here are some Important Things Public Should Know.

Already one week has passed since Hurricane Harvey which was demoted to a tropical depression on Wednesday hit the Texas coast. Though the rainfall declined, the floodwaters are still receding and it will take weeks if not months from Houston to retu...Read More

With All The New Spray Parks, How Much Water Is El Paso Really Using?

Most El Paso residents, were curious as to as how much water the city needs to run all these new spray parks. As the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department's assistant director, Paula Powell said the spray parks are using drinkable water that's spec...Read More

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