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Amazon Reaches For Amazing Heights! 100% Clean Energy By 2025

February 9, 2021

In conjunction with Royal Dutch Shell, Amazon has gone to announce how there will be green energy. From the Shell Energy Europe BV, specifically. Amazon is looking to supply some green energy off of a subsidy-free wind farm....Read More

Porsche Taycan Now Available For Purchase At A Much, Much Lower Price

January 20, 2021

Usually, when you think of buying a Porsche, you think of having to save an awful amount of money if it means keeping your wits about yourself. But recently, they dropped the price-range from $103,000 to almost below $70,000,...Read More

2020: The Year The World Was Electrified By Vehicles Refusing Gasoline

December 30, 2020

"Easy come easy go." If only that applied to this year. 2020 saw many a horror unfold as we had to bear hardship after hardship. However, the real benefit of having go...Read More

Pre-Trip Tips: 5 Ideas To Make Sure Your Semi Is Roadworthy

December 7, 2020

When it comes to trucking, your best bet is to always have your pre-trip taken care of. For those of you who roll without being in the know, a pre-trip is trucker short-hand for an inspection of your vehicle before rolling do...Read More

Small Cars. Big Engines. Five of them just Zipping to Meet You

November 13, 2020

You've heard of the idiom, "never judge a book by its cover," right? Well, the same should apply to cars. There are some cars, however, that may lack in size but pack in surpri...Read More

Small-Business Truckers Wouldn’t Mind Trump’s Second Term In Office

October 27, 2020

I don't like getting political. Let's just admit that. Nothing good ever comes from arguing about politics because then you just have a result of people seriously disliking each other. In the case of this election that is mak...Read More

Fat Fenders! Five Reasons They’re Too Succulent To Drive

October 8, 2020

When we say "fat fender," we're not talking about a guitar that was drawn by notable Colombian painter ...Read More

Nikola Founder Steps Down Amid Fraud Allegations

September 21, 2020

Trevor Milton, the founder of Nikola, has stepped down from his role as an executive chairman. In his place, Stephen Girsky will take over the responsibilities. Previously, Girsky served General Motors well as a vice-chairman...Read More

Tesla: Software Update Improves Speed Accuracy

August 31, 2020

Tesla's Autopilot software just released a new version, improving speed accuracy. The new software enables the ability to read speed limit signs. This overall i...Read More

Ford Bronco Memes Cause Online War

July 23, 2020

The Ford Bronco is one of the most iconic travelers. Since its debut in the 60s, the vehicle has remained one of the most versatile lifestyle vehicles in the history of American motors. ...Read More

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