One Truck Driver Causes a Four-Vehicle Chain Crash and Fleds

Two people were killed in a hit and run yesterday in Midland County, Texas. The suspect had fled the scene and remained unknown for a period of time.   On Tuesday, July 10, a crash happened on the I-20 around 1 in the afternoon. The locati...Read More

Cancer to Hit Men in the First Place: Health Care

It is a fact that most people around the world don’t like going to the doctor. However, colon cancer must be detected as soon as possible, it can save your life.   It is the time to put all the excuses aside, most importantly for men, an...Read More

El Paso 20-Years-Old Girl Has Been Killed: Girl’s Father Can’t Take Part In The Funeral

The 20- years-old Sylvia Guerrero has been killed by his ex-boyfriend in West El Paso.  Ramirez (The CBP officer) who was there at that time, shares that her sister and her ex-boyfriend were about to separating.   She tells that he didn...Read More

Lawsuit Filed Against Uber by an El Paso Law Firm

On Monday a personal injury law firm in El Paso filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing company, Uber.   The lawsuit filed by Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, claims that Uber uses technology that is distracting for its drivers.  ...Read More

Gas Prices Go Faster in El Paso than the Rest of the US

El Paso, Texas -- Consumer gasoline demand across the country is at an all-time high for March according to AAA, leading to rising gas prices across the country and here in the Borderland.   The Energy Information Administration reports de...Read More

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