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Renters “Cost-Burdened” In El Paso, Las Cruces

February 18, 2020

Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies released a new study of rental costs in the United States and found nearly half of renters in El Paso ...Read More

Walmart Shooting Hero Identified As Lazaro Ponce

January 28, 2020

During the tragic El Paso Walmart shooting last year, one individual, caught on security cam, acted to save lives. Authorities and news outlets alike sought the identity of the mysterious man. Now, after nearly half a year, E...Read More

Hemp Legalization Thwarts Cannabis Cases

January 6, 2020

Following the legalization of hemp by Texas legislatures, misdemeanor cases involving cannabis possession ...Read More

1 Dead, 1 Hospitalized in I-10 Crash

December 11, 2019

EL PASO, TX – The I-10 crash resulted in one death, and another hospitalized after being thrown off the Interstate. As a result of the I-10 crash, a series of car pileups ensued, which tossed both drivers off the road. ...Read More

Cielo Vista Walmart Memorial Removed

November 12, 2019

EL PASO, TX – Some items from the makeshift memorial near the Cielo Vista Walmart are being removed. The memorial commemorates the victims who died during the ...Read More

Border Patrol Agent Charged with Sexual Assault

October 8, 2019

EL PASO, TX – A U.S. Border Patrol agent is facing charges of kidnapping and s...Read More

Family Files First Lawsuit From El Paso Mass Shooting

September 6, 2019

EL PASO, TX – The first of what could be many lawsuits levied against Walmart after the August 3...Read More

Popular Food Truck Goes Up in Flames

August 1, 2019

SUNLAND PARK, NM – The owner of a beloved Borderland food truck in Sunland Park, New Mexico, which is just across the border from El Paso, was injured after the vehicle caught fire. It was parked in Sunland Park at the time...Read More

Another Body Found in El Paso Canal

June 27, 2019

EL PASO, TX – Border Patrol discovered the body of a 19-year-old Mexican citizen floating on Wednesday in a canal located in El Paso County. According to a spokeswoman for the local sheriff, this was the 9th body...Read More

Officer Hurt During Accident in Funeral Procession

May 24, 2019

EL PASO, TX – An El Paso motorcycle officer crashed after a collision on Thursday morning. Currently, medical officials are monitoring him in the intensive care unit at a hospital. In fact, doctors performed emergency surge...Read More

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