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Public Transportation in El Paso Will change: More Bus Road Are Coming

El Paso, Texas – County leaders are getting together for a meeting to discuss three possible scenarios to add more bus routes in areas of El Paso.   The city leaders will introduce all the areas of El Paso that have shortage of public tr...Read More

$19.4 million dollars for El Paso High School New Fine Arts Building

El Paso, Texas – One of the oldest and most historic schools in El Paso strives to expand and strengthen its foundation for the future.   El Paso High School is breaking ground for a construction of a new fine art building.   ...Read More

A Popular Resort Great Wolf Lodge is Coming to El Paso

El Paso, Texas – A popular resort is coming to El Paso due to city leaders’ efforts.  On the City Council meeting on Tuesday it turned out that El Paso officials are working on bringing Great Wolf Lodge to the city.   Great Wolf Lodge...Read More

Fight at El Paso Apartment Complex Led to Shooting and Stabbing a Man

El Paso, Texas - A man was shot and stabbed at a West El Paso apartment complex.   The incident happened on Saturday afternoon shortly before 3 p.m. at the Colores Del Sol Apartments.   According to El Paso police officers, the ...Read More

El Paso will Have The World’s Largest Bounce House

El Paso, Texas - This weekend the biggest bounce house in the world will open its doors in El Paso.   The lovely activity place for all kids will be located at Sue Young Park, 8730 Diana Drive in Northeast El Paso.   The new bou...Read More

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