A 3-Year-Old Child Who Was Not in Car Seat Killed in a Crash

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso Police say a 3-year-old who was not in a car seat was killed in a crash in South-Central El Paso Sunday afternoon.   Jaynale Molina, 3, was killed after the crash that also resulted in serious injuries to a 7-year...Read More

An Early Morning Fire in Chamberino Left Residents Speechless: No Victims

EL PASO, Texas – An early morning fire left everyone scared but safe. Two people are safe after an early morning house fire in Chamberino.   The fire took place Calle Bambu and San Jacinto Road around 3 a.m. Friday.   Reporter...Read More

Three Men Invaded and Robbed House in Richmond, TX

On Monday three men snuck into a house in Richmond, TX with masks on.   At the time of the invasion, there were 4 people in the house. Two were kids and the other two were adults.   The men hit the door until it broke down and e...Read More

Two Charged with Aggravated Robbery, Theft and Outstanding Police Warrants

EL PASO, Texas -- Two men were charged with aggravated robbery after they carjacked a couple in east El Paso, police said.   The incident took place last Saturday when the couple was sitting in their car on the 1500 block of Diego Rivera D...Read More

El Paso Drivers Facing Another Road Closure on Sunday

EL PASO, Texas -- Sunday, Father's Day, drivers in west El Paso will have to deal with another closure.   Drivers have gone through three 57-hour closures previously. The good news -- is this one will only last for 27-hours hours.  ...Read More

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