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A Deadly Shooting being Investigated by El Paso Police Department

You are currently viewing A Deadly Shooting being Investigated by El Paso Police Department
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EL PASO, Texas — El Paso police are investigating a deadly shooting in west El Paso.


The incident took place around 3:30 a.m. Monday on the 6600 block of Tarascas Drive near Belvidere Street.


One person died, according to police, they said they have a man in custody. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, according to police.


One of the neighbors said that it is a very quiet place and that they have never seen something like this before.


“I thought that the power went out at first. But now this has happened. It was something else,” said Samuel Magana, a neighbor.


The local news reporter Ashley Claster saw a red car being towed away around 8 p.m. According to her, the car was filled with UTEP stickers and a sticker that read, “teach peace.”


Multiple other residents didn’t want to appear on the camera but had something to say about the case. They told the local news, a few young men which are UTEP students are renting this home, and they constantly have loud parties at night.


“My mom is scared right now, yeah. Because this is supposed to be a quiet neighborhood, this is supposed to be a safe neighborhood, good school districts, good everything. And this is like a big waking for this block,” said Steven Walls.


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