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Academic Freedom Rages Over Tenure Issue at Universities

You are currently viewing Academic Freedom Rages Over Tenure Issue at Universities
Academic Freedom is the Idea that Professors Decide What is Discussed
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Academic freedom is at stake at Texas centers around higher education. It is ending tenure at public colleges and universities in the state to combat the teaching of critical race theory. Republicans have passed laws to limit teachers’ capacity to discuss controversial topics in the classroom.

In fact, academic freedom is the idea that professors, not school administrators or the government. Moreover, do have the authority to control what topics are really discussing in the classroom. Moreover, the goal is to expose students to concepts that they may otherwise have never been introducing to. Also, those would include ones that are controversial or seen by some as dangerous.

Also on February 14th, the faculty council at the University of Texas in a local city. The council did vote to affirm its commitment to academic freedom. It would be in a resolution which is introducing by Andrea Gore. She is a professor of pharmacology and toxicology.

“There are state legislative proposals which seek to limit teach and discussions of racism and related issues. They have been proposing and enacting in many states, those include Texas,” the resolution did read. “Moreover, this resolution does affirm the fundamental rights of faculty to academic freedom in its broadest sense. It is inclusive of research and teaching of race and gender theory.”

Republican-Controlled Texas Legislature

The resolution was spurring by actions taken by the Republican-controlling Texas Legislature last year. Therefore, it includes the passage of the two bills that banned the teaching of critical race theory in schools. Thus calling on school districts to remove books with “pornographic material.” The critical race theory is in the framework or lens often used in college classrooms to examine how inequalities persist through laws and institutions.

Educators, activists, and Democratic lawmakers criticized state leaders, including Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, both Republicans. They are pushing a false narrative that critical race theory. It was being taught in Texas K-12 schools.

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