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Argument Between Neighbors Leads to Gunshots, Hospitalization

You are currently viewing Argument Between Neighbors Leads to Gunshots, Hospitalization
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A violent shooting has occurred over the weekend. Saturday around 4am, police responded to reports of gunshots after an argument. When they arrived on the scene they found a 32 year old victim with multiple gunshot wounds. The victim, whose name is still unknown, was transported to UMC and is in critical condition. However, officials expect him to survive his injuries.

From what we know, investigators stated that there was an argument between the victim and his upstairs neighbor. According to reports, the upstairs neighbor was throwing objects at the victim’s car from his window.  The victim and the male assaulter confronted each other in the parking lot which resulted in the victim being shot multiple times.

Suspect Flees After Argument

The suspect, whose name has not yet been revealed, fled on foot. The police on scene carried out a thorough search of the area in search of the suspect but came out empty handed. Police have his name, though, and will charge him with a warrant for aggravated assault. Hopefully, justice will come down on this violent offender.

There have been 2,515 violent crimes reported in El Paso in a year. The violent crime category is made up of four subcategories. There have been 17 murders, 322 rapes, 410 robberies, and 1,766 assault cases reported. The violent crime rate in El Paso is 2 percent lower than the national average and 11 percent lower than the Texas average. In the city, there in a 1 in 44 chance that you may become a victim of a crime. A 6.25 daily crime rate is present for every 100,000 people. But, the number of crimes has decreased by 10 percent in the last year. Hopefully, the crime rate comes down even further. We prefer an El Paso that’s safe for all!

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  1. Anne

    OMG! Just because of a car! I’ve always been scared of visiting El paso, this just proved my fear. Imagine the crime rate in the area. 6.25/100K people. That’s really scary. Anyways, I hope the victim survived this and the assaulter apprehended soon. Serial killers on the loose.

  2. Michael Rickard

    That is a frightening incident. I’m appalled at the number of rapes. I don’t know what the national average is per capita but it seems like a lot compared to the other crimes. I’ll have to check the FBI’s records. The victim is blessed to be alive after multiple gunshots. I wonder what objects were thrown at the car? I’d like to know what type of handgun was used.

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