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Barack Obama Is Going To Be Our New Highway Star… But For Which Highway?

Barack Obama Is Going To Be Our New Highway Star… But For Which Highway?
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It had only been a month we said goodbye to our President Obama, but he is already missed by many. Two Illinois state representatives fall into the category of people who miss him.


They are engaging in a competition to see which highway deserves to be names after the belved President Obama. The two Illinois highways in competition are Highway I-55 and I-294.



The question of the hour is which will they choose?



Illinois State Representative Robert Martwick announced on January 26 about his hopes to dub “the entirety of Interstate 294 of the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways as the “‘President Barack Obama Tollway,'” his co-sponsor-men are Marcus C. Evans, Jr. and Jehan Gordon-Booth.



The history between Illinois and President Obama is long. He was once the Illinois state senator and a U.S senator who represented Illinois. President Obama also did a lot of community work back in Chicago during the 1980s and was a law professor at the University of Chicago Law School for over 10 years.  Illinois is planned to become the new headquarters for the Obama Foundation, as it is the plan for the Obamas move back to Chicago after Sasha completes High School.



How do you feel about the christening of a new highway name after Former President Obama?

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