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Bills, Measures for Public Law Schools Clear House

You are currently viewing Bills, Measures for Public Law Schools Clear House
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Bills, two separate measures allowing for the establishment of new public law schools in various cities in a state. Lawmakers say the border regions have a disproportionately lower ratio of lawyers, and both would actually benefit from new public law schools opening there.

Bills, Measures for New Public Law Schools

The new public law schools which be in West Texas in El Paso, and in South Texas in other cities. Moreover, this could help to keep more legal intellectuals on the board that is because the residents will not have to travel hundreds of miles to go to law school. Therefore, this could, in fact, also help to provide more immigration lawyers, and potentially immigration judges in these border regions. Plus more public officials, such as city managers or mayors. They often get law degrees with the goal of seeing public office. This what legal experts told the Border Report.

Law School Accessible for More People

“Putting one in El Paso and putting one in another city in Texas would certainly make law school accessible for more people,” said Jim Harrington. Harrington is a retired law professor from the University of Texas at Austin. He is the founder and director emeritus of the Texas Civil Rights Project. The project provides pro bono legal counsel to many border residents and has offices.

“Alot of people don’t necessarily go to law school to become lawyers. They, in fact, get into public policy and public administration. Therefore, it opens these opportunities. Especially for them in those regions,” Harrington said.

Separate Bills

The Texas House of Representatives has passed two separate bills. They would allow for the establishment of a new public law school in El Paso and in another region. Moreover, the bills — HB 695, and HB 199, have both recently passed the third reading. Moreover, both bills have been engrossed and sent forth to the Texas Senate.

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