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BMW i7 M70 Known To Be Their Strongest Electric Vehicle

You are currently viewing BMW i7 M70 Known To Be Their Strongest Electric Vehicle
BMW releases their most powerful EV yet.
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BMW is coming through with a new electric lineup, the i7 M70 xDrive, which will show up at the Shanghai auto show. It’s going to be the most powerful one yet!

But How So?

BMW is releasing their latest electric vehicle with the convenience of two electric motors that will propel forward with 650 hp, therefore overcoming the 536 hp i40 and M50 model which BMW claims to be the M divisions worldwide best seller. It is also said to overcome the 610 hp delivered by the iX M60. But the M70 is truly more powerful as it propels forward with 483 hp in the rear unit alone.

This is well seen in the M70, as its peak can push forward with 811 pound feet, available specifically in the launch control setting or when using the M sport boost function.

In 0 to 60, the M70 can shoot forward in only 3.5 seconds. This would conclude this model as BMW’s quickest electric vehicle. Drivers are going to have to settle for a ridiculous 748 pound-feet of torque. in the meantime while driving in sport mode or a top speed can be rounded out to a mere 155 mph.

Regardless of the performance, BMW believes that the 101.7 kWh battery is more than capable to handle 295 miles of range per charge. There’s even a brand new drive mode nicknamed the max range that is sure to limit the M70 in the case of using the electricity evenly throughout the rest of the car for climate control, heated seats and overall limit of power at a peak of 56 mph.

Max range can be turned off by pressing the accelerator to the floor and selecting M Sport Boost function with the left paddle shifter. Or even by turning the window defroster to the highest setting.

The i7 M70 can support DC fast-charging of up to 195 kilowatts as BMW believes the battery will zip from 10 to 80 in only 34 minutes.

The M70 is much different from other i7s thankfully because of the black trim side skirts and even a rear diffuser insert. Plus the professional package comes with a black rear spoiler included as well as a black trim piece right between the tail lights and even more black trim upon the rear bumper unlike other i7s. The M70 is able to respect the design with two tone paint and the outline of a huge kidney grill illumination.

The chassis has therefore been tuned by the M division with M-specific adaptive air suspension on electronically controlled dampers, all while the rear-wheel steering can allow the driver to feel safe within the large sedan.

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