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Businesses Gaining Traction, City Program Traffic Concerns

You are currently viewing Businesses Gaining Traction, City Program Traffic Concerns
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Businesses are seeing some temporary improvements put in place by the city to address the traffic concerns. While there are others aiming to encourage more pedestrian activity in a safe way. Currently, there are barriers and obstacles that slow down traffic and offer more outdoor space.

Businesses in Five Points Entertainment District

In fact, one new local restaurant in the area was able to open its doors to the community. This was in mid-February. There are hopes to see more business along with safety measures in the Five Points entertainment district in El Paso, Texas.

Bringing New Concepts to the Area

“Moreover, we just wanted to add something different to the area. Therefore, our food is very different than any other concept in the neighborhood,” said Rico Velez, owner/operator of Fowl Mouths EPTX.

In fact, Fowl Mouths is a new local grill and bar located in the Five Points area. Even, after opening during the pandemic, Velez said, we see more challenges than before. “Of course, our biggest obstacle is trying to make sure we follow the mandates. and then, of course, getting our permits approving. That is because the city was still operating on their COVID hours as well. So it was kind of hard getting everything up and running, but it was a good and seamless process once everything got rolling therefore it wasn’t a big issue.”

Traffic Control Plan Enhancements

In recent times, the City of El Paso has implemented Traffic Control Plan enhancements. In addition, they are part of the “Sun City Safe” program. They, moreover, aim to provide economic relief to businesses that have affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in that area.

However, it also provides more outdoor space and on-street parking, in fact, while addressing traffic speeds in the area.

Businesses: Parking and Bars

“If one side is becoming parking, the other side is an extension of the patios for the bars. Moreover, itt does, in fact, slow down traffic a little bit. Therefore, the city is going to do it for about a month. Then go ahead and make a decision if something is going to stay permanent,” Velez shared.

Moreover, he is motivating drivers in the area to remain vigilant day and night, though hope for more improvements that will enhance safety.

“Therefore, we most certainly need more pedestrian crossing. In fact, we need more lights in this particular area. It is, especially in the entertainment district, because it is very dark at night,” Velez explained. “In fact, there is a couple of lights that are out. However, the city did, in fact, repave the pedestrian crossings, but they are nothing comparing to bigger cities.”

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