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Car Carriers

When you need to move a car, it’s best to ship with car carriers to do it safely and conveniently. Although, when you ship with a car transport provider for the first time, there are some things you should know to choose the right car shipping company for your situation and have the best experience shipping a car. So let El Paso Car Transport tell you more about that!

When looking for car carriers, pay attention to:

car carriers

Payment Policy

There are a lot of auto shipping companies in the market and there are various payment policies. Some auto movers require a deposit, some don’t. Some companies want you to pay in full upfront. Others will break a payment in two parts. Make sure you understand the process of payment to be ready financially.

Cancellation policy

Find out if a car shipping company you are considering has a free cancellation policy or if not, what you are supposed to pay if you cancel your order.

Terms and Conditions

Make sure you have read the company’s terms and conditions before you sign any contracts! You should know exactly where you stand before you agree to anything. Make sure everything is clear to you and there is no part of the contract you don’t understand.

Delivery Time Frame

No dates are guaranteed. Don’t forget about that when you discuss a time friend with an agent. Car Carriers run a business on wheels so anything can happen. You can be promised your car will be dropped off on some particular date, but remember that delays and hang-ups are still possible.


Licensed car carriers provide insurance for vehicles they ship for the time the vehicle is on their truck. Remember to ask the company you’re contacting if the insurance is provided. Don’t rely on car movers who won’t insure your car.

El Paso Car Transport will be happy to help you with your El Paso Auto Transport. Get your free El Paso Car Shipping quotes today and transport your car safely!