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So, you have decided to ship with a car transport company. This is your first time shipping, but you know, that it is a really great option as instead of worrying about moving a car you let car movers do that for you. You also might want to know what you actually can expect from auto shipping services. To let you truly understand what car transport is, we will tell you what this process looks like for car carriers themselves.

El Paso Car Movers and How They Work

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Most of the time, car carriers haul several cars (up to ten) at the same time. So when you ship El Paso Car Shipping, it means that there is a free space on the trailer of a truck that goes on your route. You get an estimated pick-up date and a car mover does his best to pick up your car on that day following his route.

When a car hauler gets to your place, he needs to inspect your vehicle to see if there is any existing damage. He will be responsible for your car while it’s on its way, and it will be covered by his insurance. Then he loads the car onto a trailer and secures it in accordance with all the legal safety regulations. He then comes back on his route and tries to get your car to the destination by the desired delivery date. You have to remember that it’s a business on wheels, so delays are possible.

When a car mover gets to the drop-off location, he inspects your car again making sure it is in the same condition it has been when he has picked it up. If everything is alright, you sign the Bill of Lading. If not, it is time for you to file a claim. But don’t worry: that happens extremely rarely.

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