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COVID-19 Cases Up To 6,000 In El Paso

You are currently viewing COVID-19 Cases Up To 6,000 In El Paso
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El Paso, TX – COVID-19 reports have surged in the city. With the opening of the city comes the unfortunate side effect of increasing COVID-19 cases.

El Paso has seen its highest record single-day case for COVID-19 since the city decided to open back up to the public.

The original concept was due to the fact that the city has not been hit nearly as hard as multiple other areas in the US. Deciding to open up proved what many had already speculated in that COVID-19 cases grew exponentially.

Reports show that the city has had a single-day highest report of 133 new cases. This currently places the total number of overall cases to over 6,000.

Many states such as Arizona, Florida, and Texas have all seen drastic numbers increase upon reopening of their respective cities.

Reports and videos currently show packed bars and restaurants with people evidently not wearing masks.

These hot spots have been on record to be clear indicators for the spread of the virus.

“I don’t see what the problem is,” says one patron. “People get sick, and they die. Let the strongest immune system win.”

“I’ve been stuck inside my house cause the government told me to do so. Now that thousands are dying, I don’t really care anymore. I just need a drink.” said another.

“This is all a ploy to keep us inside. The government is trying to manipulate us into thinking there is this big scare when its nothing. There seem to be other factors at play here. I just want my haircut, like everyone else.”

While many can understand the math that larger crowds increase the chances of contracting the virus, others seem to double down on their approach. Often pushing the blame on many that they find “sheeple”.

For the rest of the country, small businesses are allowed to operate as long as standard safety precautions are in check. If the business is found to not properly adhere, then they will need to close or will be fined.

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