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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

If you want to see how good a car shipping company is before you decide to ship with them, check their customer reviews. They are a valuable source of past clients’ opinions and helpful when you want to know how satisfied the customers are with the provided auto shipping services. Bad reviews will show you the weak points, and good reviews will tell you what the company is great at.

We are always happy to hear from our customers and thankful for your feedback. It is important for us as it allows us to see how we could make our El Paso Auto Shipping even better.

Here are some of El Paso Car Transport customer reviews:

Claire M. 

I got a job in Seattle so I had to move really quickly, and I was stressing about it. There is a huge distance between El Paso and Seattle and I had so much to do in the shortest time frame! Car shipping was one of the things I was really nervous about. Luckily, El Paso Car Transport made it easy for me. They shipped my Ford for a good price, and it got to my place in Seattle right in time. No damage, no hassle, all was just great.

Dan A.

A+ job! Shipped my Jeep from El Paso to Miami, it arrived in a great condition. The only thing, I had to take it to the car wash as soon as I got it back, but I guess road dirt is what you get shipping in an open car carrier. All in all, a great experience. I will probably use El Paso Car Transport services again soon!

Phil B.

I shipped my BMW with El Paso Car Transport. I took the process of finding a car mover quite seriously and invested some time in it. And it was the right thing to do! The guys at El Paso Car Transport are true professionals. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to move a car.