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El Paso 20-Years-Old Girl Has Been Killed: Girl’s Father Can’t Take Part In The Funeral

You are currently viewing El Paso 20-Years-Old Girl Has Been Killed: Girl’s Father Can’t Take Part In The Funeral
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The 20- years-old Sylvia Guerrero has been killed by his ex-boyfriend in West El Paso.  Ramirez (The CBP officer) who was there at that time, shares that her sister and her ex-boyfriend were about to separating.


She tells that he didn’t want to let her go and decided to kill her. She tells that he pulled out the gun and shot her. Police share that they couldn’t catch the killer, because he broke into the home.


Children of the family, including the 2-years-old daughter of Guerrero’s, had been there at the time of shooting. They told Ramirez about happening, and Ramirez tried to bring her back.


Unfortunately, none of them could help her. Ramirez tells through tears that Guerrero was a big part of their small family and that she was going to be 21 in August and continue her education.


The worst part of the story is that Guerrero’s dad couldn’t take part of his daughter’s funeral, because of being deported to Mexico. Guerrero’s father, Hilario Guerrero wouldn’t like to share the reason of his deporting.


The family members were trying to make the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to give them a chance to implore their case. They were asking for just a temporary enter of Guerrero’s father to the United States.


The family was doing everything to get opportunity to see Guerrero’s father next to her last time. Guerrero’s father wanted to say goodbye to his daughter. Guerrero shares that her family knows law well. They promised that Guerrero’s father would leave America right afterward the funeral. CBP told local news that is not something it does.


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