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El Paso Airport Is On High Alert After Friday Attacks

You are currently viewing El Paso Airport Is On High Alert After Friday Attacks
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Many airports around the country are on high alert due to the shooting that occurred on Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Five people were killed and 8 were injured. The gunman has been identified as 26 year old Esteban Santiago, who is now in custody. He motive is still unclear.

El Paso International Airport is one of those airports. Officials are telling passengers to expect extra levels of security at the airport. Many passengers at the El Paso airport revealed their thought and feeling about the attack and mentioned how they cannot imagine the horror that unfolded in the baggage claim area.  Many residents of El Paso are wondering how an attack of this sort can happen. The risk at airports is extremely high because you never know who is walking in through the doors.

The Security at El Paso Airport Still Needs Improvement

Since the 9/11 attacks, the security at the airport has certainly improved. However, there are still certain parts of the terminal which are vulnerable. These areas include baggage claim, which is where the shooting occurred in Fort Lauderdale, and check in. This brings in concern for many El Paso residents regarding man power among airport security. Securing these areas would be a multibillion dollar investment. Airport officials say that a person is more likely to die in a car accident than be at an airport during a terrorist attack. However, that doesn’t mean that the fear of something terrible happening isn’t on peoples’ minds.

Many airports remained on high alert after the attack on Friday. Three New York airports deployed armored vehicles and K-9 with a mission of looking for explosives. While they didn’t encounter anything out of the ordinary, these actions indicate increasing fear among airport officials. Hopefully we find out in a few weeks that they didn’t need to be fearful.

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  1. Jane

    I know in my head that air travel is safer than driving but flying makes me so nervous. Even more so now. I always take a sigh of relief that I made it to the ground safe. I can’t imagine thinking you are safe then ending up in a shootout in baggage claim.

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