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El Paso Becomes a “Smart City”

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EL PASO, TEXAS – The city officials reported that the city will now invest more fund and efforts on boosting technological development of the city. Hence, the city aims to become smart within the following years


The Department of Community and Human development discussed the activity plans and projections within “Smart City Initiative” at Monday’s city council meeting. The initiative targets economic development and envisions investing in the economic health of our region.


El Paso was one of two Texas cities selected by the Rockefeller Foundation to be part of the 100 Resilient Cities Initiative. The City is also pursuing opportunities to address local flooding issues and create affordable quality housing options.


Within the initiative, cutting-edge technologies will be applied in public services with the aim of enhancing their performance. That means usage of advanced technologies and data will be cost-effective for the society and thus result in lower bills for you.


The initiative will cover areas such as traffic management, energy-smart grids, charging areas for electric vehicles, energy efficient lighting.


The City will also establish partnership with El Paso Electric and businesses to install smart meters for tracking energy usage. The residents of El Paso will experience the substantial outcomes by 2020.


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