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El Paso Dealership Ruse Results in 7 Arrests

You are currently viewing El Paso Dealership Ruse Results in 7 Arrests
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An El Paso dealership experienced a loss in many employees on Monday. The reason being was employing scheming to illegally use cars, steal tires, and execute other fraudulent activities at the dealership. The employees conspired to hide the ruse from the management of Fox Toyota. Fox Toyota dealership is located at 11165 Gateway W on East Side.


An 11 month investigation was done by the Financial Crime Detectives. The investigation began in May when 2 cars were reported missing for the dealership. What was uncovered by this investigation was shocking. In result, the dealership found out that employees connived to over bill vendors, steal tires, illegally use vehicles, and carry out insurance schemes.


  • Federico Gutierrez, 51, who was arrested in May on charges of theft over $20,000 and forgery in an incident listed on jail records as taking place in April 2016. El Paso County Jail records show that the other six arrests occurred last week.
  • Mark Alvarez, 39, was arrested on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity-theft over $20,000, allegedly in two separate scams, police said.
  • Miguel Silva, 32, and Carlos Velasquez, 36, were each arrested on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle with one case dating to November 2015, according to police and jail records.
  • Cesar Valdiviez, 41, and Albert Vargas, 34, were each arrested on a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity-theft.
  • Luis Silva, 44, was arrested on a charge of misapplication of fiduciary property over $30,000.


All seven men have been released from jail on bond.

Police Officials have stated that an investigation is still in progress and there may more charges pending.

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