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El Paso Drivers Facing Another Road Closure on Sunday

You are currently viewing El Paso Drivers Facing Another Road Closure on Sunday
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EL PASO, Texas — Sunday, Father’s Day, drivers in west El Paso will have to deal with another road closure.

Drivers have gone through three 57-hour closures previously. The good news is that this one will only last for 27 hours. Hopefully, the closure only lasts for that long.

Sunday morning at 3 a.m., crews will close I-10 west. Drivers will have to exit at Sunland Park and hop on to Mesa then follow Mesa to the westbound entrance.

El Paso Road Closure Will Help I-10 Project

Noemi Rojas with HNTB Corporation, on the engineering side of the project, says the official completion date is April 2019.

“By December this year we want to be done with the structures,” says Rojas. “After December it’ll just be tying in gaps, painting, doing a lot of work along the sides of the roadway.”

After December, crews will be working on the GO-10 project on the sides of I-10. There is no word yet on how long this end of the project will take. However, it shouldn’t be as disruptive as the project the teams are currently working on. Officials may not have to close entire roads, but rather lanes.

Rojas says the project is close to the end now, and there will be no pausing for the holidays. The contractors want to finish the project as soon as possible to help keep costs down and reduce traffic delays.

“We are full steam ahead in 2018 to get this project finished. We can’t delay,” says Rojas.

Drivers on I-10 west should expect changes to traffic lane patterns by 6 a.m. on Monday. After all, the crews will be demolishing a whole bridge. And drivers will use the new collector-distributor lanes while rebuilding the bridge. So, until then, make sure you watch out, El Paso!

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