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El Paso native tells details about Las Vegas horrifying shooting

You are currently viewing El Paso native tells details about Las Vegas horrifying shooting
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EL PASO — An El Paso native is telling the dramatic and depressing moments that took place at the Las Vegas shooting.

Palomino Garcia worked as a security officer and he was present at the concert on Sunday.


He showed the images of what he saw throughout the shooting will stay with him forever.

“It’s something I’ll never forget,” he told.


It was supposed to be a usual day at work, however, it took a horrifying turn.


“It was a great day, great music until all hell broke loose,” he told. “We were right there next to the VIP entrance, which is facing the Mandalay Bay, and we heard a couple of — which we all thought it was fireworks. So, we’re looking up to see and nothing. Then, when we started hearing the metal ping sound and then we all realize it was really gunfire and machine guns.”


He also told, “And everybody started rushing”. “I ran to my post and I opened the emergency gate to let everybody out. So they could get out quicker.”

Garcia said chaos followed.


“I saw this one lady get trampled a little bit and I went over there to help her,” he told.

He told that many people jumped into action to help.


The El Paso native also told “so, we get them all out and I went to the main area where people were watching the concert, and that’s where we saw — well, I saw dead bodies around and people injured.”


When finally he turned to look around, he told, the feeling of terror settled in.


He said that “It was something that I could never imagine I would see. It was like a war zone. Everybody’s possessions, everyone is all over the place. There was blood everywhere.”

He said the shooting is something he’ll never forget.


He told “It was like a nightmare. It wouldn’t stop and it kept going until he reloaded and then it kept going and going. But I still hear that machine gun in my head. I can’t ever get rid of that sound.”


He said he wishes it had never happened.


He told, “I still feel like I could’ve – I wish I could’ve done more.”



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