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El Paso will Have The World’s Largest Bounce House

You are currently viewing El Paso will Have The World’s Largest Bounce House
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El Paso, Texas – This weekend the biggest bounce house in the world will open its doors in El Paso.


The lovely activity place for all kids will be located at Sue Young Park, 8730 Diana Drive in Northeast El Paso.


The new bounce house in El Paso is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest.


The world giant bounce house will cover an area of 10.000 square.


Big Bounce America is 32 feet tall.


Besides being large, according to the event organizers, the visitors will be surprised. Attendees will be surprised to see a completely different bounce house that stands out from the typical ones they are used to.


El Paso Bounce House will feature an obstacle course, basketball courts, as well as a huge slide ending in a ball pit.


For the opening event, the organizers promised to have a DJ to provide music. Lights and blast confetti are also guaranteed.


The bounce house will be available to the public this Friday at 2.15 p.m.



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