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Electric Trucks Signal EV Era

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Electric trucks are quickly becoming a focal point for automakers. Not only for sellers, but for buyers too.

Over the past decade, the thought of all-electric vehicles has been moving closer and closer to reality. Now that 2020 is here, we are getting our first look at how the emerging industry has evolved.

When the Toyota Prius emerged around the world, there was a divide. Yes, the vehicle was energy efficient, but it wasn’t the most practical when it came to weather.

In places like New England (which has its own Subaru all-wheel-drive edition) the conditions can provide a difficult experience for any driver. The versatility of the Prius didn’t have what it took to emerge on northern roads. On the flip side, in places that don’t require anything more than what the Prius could provide, like Los Angeles.

Electric Trucks Help To Convert Truck Owners

The excuse of not having enough power couldn’t convert those with pickups or SUVs or anything other than a basic sedan. Well, not that many automotive manufacturers are moving into the fray, that excuse has been blown out the window.

Pickups like the Cyertruck, The HUMMER EV, and many others are proving that power and torque can just as easily match a standard ICE.

Some of these (the HUMMER EV) are boasting upwards of 1000 hp. Tesla’s own Cybertruck can go toe-to-toe with towing an F-150 down the road. The excuse for that “dinky-little electric egg” is no more!

The success of the unveiling have drastically helped to increase the awareness of what electric is capable of. No longer will the image of an electric car be of a small, egg-shaped putt-wagon.

With Electric Trucks looking to hit the market soon ,many owners of conventional ICE’s are getting their first look at the future of what their trucks can do.

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