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Falcon Woman Kidnapped & Sexually Assaulted

You are currently viewing Falcon Woman Kidnapped & Sexually Assaulted
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EL PASO, TX – A man held a woman at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her Wednesday, December 5th, said the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The incident started in a Walmart parking lot.

A woman was leaving the Walmart on Meridian Market View. She was loading her groceries into her car. When she stepped away for a moment to return her shopping cart, a man got into her vehicle. When she returned, he was in the car. He held her at gunpoint and told her to drive.

Lieutenant Mitch Mihalko said that the suspect then took the woman to a remote location and sexually assaulted her. After that, the suspect forced the woman to drive back to the Walmart. He then got out of her car and returned to his vehicle.

Kyla Harris, a resident of the area, says the incident shocked her and that crimes like this were “unheard of out here.” She stated that she has been shopping at this Walmart location for years without problems.

For residents of Falcon like Harris, the area has always felt safe. However, after this crime, Harris said she watch out more carefully. She said that she would probably not come to this Walmart by herself on her next visit. She also asserted that should watch out and be aware of her surroundings.

Lieutenant Mitch Mihalko encourages everyone to do exactly that. Mihalko reminds the public that looking at a phone can distract you. He advises that people should not look at their phones while walking to their cars. Mihalko furthermore advised that people should keep their vehicles locked at all times.

Sheriff’s Office Looking for Man Who Sexually Assaulted Woman

The sheriff’s office is looking for a Hispanic or White man in his 20’s, about 5’8” with a medium build. The suspect has a round “boyish face, ”cleanly shaven, and wears dark clothing. He also wears a brown belt with keys hanging from it. He drives an older model dark-colored SUV.

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