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Family Files First Lawsuit From El Paso Mass Shooting

You are currently viewing Family Files First Lawsuit From El Paso Mass Shooting
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EL PASO, TX – The first of what could be many lawsuits levied against Walmart after the August 3rd shooting rampage in El Paso was formerly filed in court recently.

The father of Jessica Garcia, Don Coca, issued a statement on behalf of the entire family. Jessica was shot along with her husband, Guillermo Garcia. Both of the wounded parties are still working themselves back from the injuries they suffered.

“My daughter believes that it’s very important that change must occur,” Coca said. “She’s concerned about our future and being able to go to places and feel safe and protected.”

Guillermo and Jessica were some of the first to be wounded when the gunfire broke out in the parking lot outside the store. The couple were busy fundraising for one of their kid’s soccer teams when Jessica was struck by a bullet. Fortunately, none of their children were shot.

The lawsuit filed argues that no security was present at the Walmart when the shooting occurred.

Coca said, “All I have to say to the big companies, is you have an obligation to protect your customers. Please, make changes to do that.”

The attorney for the family, Patrick Luff, maintains that the intention of the legal action is to gain knowledge of the procedures and protocols the company had in place to deal with active shooters.

Walmart responded to the news with a statement that says, “Safety is a top priority and we care deeply about our associates and customers.”

The company went on to say that it worked diligently with both federal and local authorities to make sure the event was properly documented.

The lawsuit does include a restraining order meant to prevent demolition and renovations that have begun at the store. Luff argues that it’s important for them to get inside the store to see what it looks like and how it could’ve been better equipped to provide greater safety for the customers.

“In this day and age, these tragedies are just occurring too frequently, and businesses need to be aware that they have to protect their customers, and we hope for change,” said Coca.

Allegedly Walmart had yet to have been served with the lawsuit yet.

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