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FBI Arrest One Of The Most Wanted Men in America In El Paso

You are currently viewing FBI Arrest One Of The Most Wanted Men in America In El Paso
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A man on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list was recently arrested in El Paso, Texas.

Terry A.D. Strickland who is 24 years old has a charge for two counts of first degree intentional homicide with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

No attorney is listed on the jail records, so no information can be found on someone to comment on behalf of Strickland. However, he will certainly have to appear in court at some point. Eventually, we hope to get some of his side of what led him to this situation.

Man Added to Most Wanted List After Killing Two

July 17 a group of men argued in front of a home in Milwaukee, Terry Strickland was among these men. Witnesses confirmed that he went into the house and returned with a gun, proceeding to fire it off.

Terry Strickland fatally shot two men, one of the two was lying on the floor, Maurice Brown Jr who was 38 and Michael Allen who he shot in the head, and he was 39.

Both of the victims showed no threat to Strickland. They paid the price of their life by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Terry Strickland fled from the scene in a black SUV. His 18 month old daughter was abandoned inside of the house. As if he needed any other reason to appear as a villain in this story.

He became added to the FBI’s most wanted list last month. After all, the authorities don’t typically appreciate you fleeing them.

A tip stating that Strickland might be in El Paso, TX led FBI agents to him. He was arrested during a traffic stop and was immediately taken into custody. Finally, after a long and protracted period of searching for him, Strickland will face justice soon.

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