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Ford Bronco Memes Cause Online War

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The Ford Bronco is one of the most iconic travelers. Since its debut in the 60s, the vehicle has remained one of the most versatile lifestyle vehicles in the history of American motors.

It has been a long time since Ford released an updated version of the Bronco. One of the biggest hype-moments was when the new edition was shown to the public.

Ford is looking to take on lifestyle driving giants Jeep with this new release. While many are showing that Jeep comes out ahead in most cases, that hasn’t stopped die-hard Bronco fans from tearing into social media – more specifically Jeep forums.

A user by the name of “Stormin Moormon” posted on an inline Jeep forum with the question:

“Are we waving at the new Broncos?” referencing the “Jeep Wave”

Another user – aldo98229 responded with: “Yes. But with a twist,” his comment followed by a GIF of a middle finger.

Others are posting memes that counter the Ford fans new image.

We get it. Everyone has a love for one thing or another. Ford enthusiasts typically take on all other automotive producers. Ford’s own history is rich with the competition.

From the time of the Ford GT with its Le Mans victory over Ferrari to creating one of the most iconic muscle cars during the late 60s and early 70s, the company is a direct competitor to all who oppose them.

While their one vehicle won’t be able to take down lifestyle driving giant, Jeep, it does put their hand in the race for improving on their technology.

The announcement of the Bronco sported Jeep to respond. Just a day before the unveiling, Jeep made headlines by unveiling their plans for a massive V8 Rubicon.

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