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Ford Mustang GT3 Race Car Rumored To Arrive As A Street Model

You are currently viewing Ford Mustang GT3 Race Car Rumored To Arrive As A Street Model
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When you think of speed, what car do you think of? I usually like thinking of the Ford Mustang. And it’s not because it makes this article a convenience to write. It’s simply because it makes this article true to life to write. As a kid, I always was fascinated by the very strength that comes with a Ford Mustang around to unravel the terrors of the streets every so strongly in a way that keeps the streets moist enough after impact to welcome in new additions to the role of being adept to handle the speediness of other streetworthy cars. Which is why it may come as no surprise that CEO Jim Farley wants the Ford Mustang to be a streetworthy car in and of itself.

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In conjunction with Multi-Matic, Ford Performance is creating the GT3 to be ultimately one of the most potentially strong mustang vehicles on the market. It’s using a 5.4-L V8 by Coyote with total top-down modifications that would allow the GT3 to compete in 24 Hour Races like Le Mans and Daytona.

It’s no secret that the Ford Mustang GT3 comes equipped with a brash yet outstanding front fender and huge diffuser on the backend. In a visual sense, the rear-wing is mounted upon the rear pillars of the car itself. And of course it’s no surprise that the Ford GT3 is biologically connected to the mustang dark horse.

So, CEO Jim Farley of Ford probably announced the Ford Mustang GT3 as a likely candidate to be a street model simply because he just wants to make the brand cool again. Much too often we’ve been treated to boring Ford SUVs and dull Ford pickup trucks that aren’t really capable for entry-level customers to enjoy. But really we’re entering a new era of gold for Ford in the sense that people will be able to afford electric vehicles if not supercars of high potential.

Ford releasing the GT3 mustang is a huge announcement and certainly one we couldn’t be more proud of. This has been highly anticipated ever since the car manufacturer made mention of their plans to launch around six racing versions of the SXS650 Mustang, way back in September 2022. So you can probably imagine the weight they have on their shoulders to really get this right for both the consumer and the Prosumer. Of course the Mustang GT3 won’t actually be debuting until the 24 Hours of Daytona next year. But that doesn’t mean Ford has to keep them selves from generating excitement beyond your wildest dreams.

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