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Genesis G90 Interior is Strong, Vibrant, and Packed with Decadence

You are currently viewing Genesis G90 Interior is Strong, Vibrant, and Packed with Decadence
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Genesis G90 flagship sedan was, in fact, revealed a couple of weeks ago, but all that was really shown was the outside. Now, the company has shown not only the interior but many of the car’s features.

The question is what is going to power the G90. Moreover, it will use a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. However, the company did not provide any other details. However, it did make 375 horsepower. As the engine does in the G80 sedan. Therefore, the rear-wheel and all-wheel drive are going to be available.

Genesis Motifs

There are many of the same motifs for Genesis. It is for the interior. One possesses a long air vent, a low dash and there is a lot of rich leather, metal, and wood trim. In fact, there is a number of distinctive twists on the formula. In fact, the parts of the dash swing up and border the instrument display screen. Also, the two-spoke steering wheel does have an original design. The climate control panel isn’t sharing with any other Genesis models.

Therefore, the new G90 is packing with high-end features, too. The G90 is the first Genesis with an interior perfume system. Therefore, it is not unlike some of the German flagships. There is ambient lighting and a 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. It can be enjoyed by everyone in the car. Therefore there is active noise cancellation. Front occupants get massaging seats, and rear passengers get reclining ones. The right rear seat is called the “VIP” seat, moreover, it also gets a power leg rest that even has heating and ventilation like the rest of the seat. 

Moreover, driving-wise, it’s available with rear-wheel steering, like other large luxury sedans. It has an adaptive air suspension that will use a camera to watch the road. Then adjust the stiffness for ride quality. In fact, it does adjust ride height for different situations. Therefore, it can even automatically rise on steep hills to prevent scraping at the end of a hill. There is even the braking is adjustable with different response settings such as a gentle “Chauffeur” mode. Then we suspect the car may have braking-by-wire.

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