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Heavy Hauls: What They Are and How We Make Them Happen

You are currently viewing Heavy Hauls: What They Are and How We Make Them Happen
Heavy hauling usually involves large construction equipment or something like it.
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If you have an extremely large vehicle, it may not fit on one of our normal car carriers. It may even require us to get special permits to haul it! These kinds of loads are called “heavy hauls,” and many auto transport companies shy away from them. Not us, though! El Paso Car Transport knows all about what goes into shipping heavy loads all over the country. In this article, we’ll explain what a heavy haul is and how we manage it.

Heavy Hauls Can Be Heavy, Tall, Long, or Wide

Despite the name, heavy hauling isn’t just for extremely heavy loads. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has regulations that restrict every dimension that a trailer or load may have. This includes height, length, width, and yes, weight. These regulations help protect both the hauler and other drivers out on the road.

However, some loads must travel on the roads while exceeding these limits. These loads are considered oversize or overweight, and they require special procedures. Haulers have to get special permits for each state that they travel in when hauling a large load like this. Since every state’s regulations are slightly different, this requires a hauler to know all of the relevant regulations for each state they’ll travel through. They also force haulers to be extremely careful about loading, securing, and hauling their loads. Because of this, many auto transport companies just avoid heavy hauling altogether.

How We Prepare for Heavy Hauling

At El Paso Car Transport, we’re happy to haul any vehicle, no matter what size it is! Here’s how we manage to ship overweight or oversize loads of all kinds.

Firstly, we’ll determine what dimensions your load exceeds. For vehicles, this is usually the height limit, as some vehicles have to be tall to do their jobs. We’ll get the right kinds of Texas oversize permits for your vehicle, as well as any we’d need for other states if we’re leaving Texas.

Then, when it’s time to actually ship your vehicle, we’ll take extra special care to secure it properly. Large loads can cause extreme damage if they come off their trailers. So we’ll triple check everything, making sure that your vehicle will be safe during its travels.

Finally, we’ll set you up with the right driver for the job. Heavy hauling requires a specific skillset and the experience to know how to handle difficult situations. We’ll make sure your haul is in the right hands.

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