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Heavy Snow And Blizzards Expected From Appalachia To Philly

You are currently viewing Heavy Snow And Blizzards Expected From Appalachia To Philly
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Heavy snow that hit Washington area is expected to arrive from Appalachia to Philly and possibly farther north by the weekend. In Virgina, a state of emergency was issued Thursday morning. Power outages and travel disruptions are possible. It is advised to stay off the roads when the storm hits, although they are being prepared for the severe weather.

On Wednesday there was heavy traffic in Maryland because of the storm, and major delays continued through the night. In Virginia, because of the road and ramp closures, there were 767 crashes over a 24-hour period. These kinds of storms always cause a ton of accidents to occur across the country. After all, people don’t usually just put their lives on pause and stay home from work or stop traveling. They still want to go out in these difficult conditions. However, driving can be really dangerous, so stay safe out there!

Heavy Snow Across the Eastern Seaboard

The National Weather Service stated that there can be 12-16 inches of snow coming down during the weekend around the I-95. In Philadelphia’s northern suburbs up to a foot of snow is possible. Heavy snow is predicted for Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington. In the District of Columbia a blizzard is possible. In Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas ice and freezing rain are possible.

When these kinds of storms happen, it makes you wonder why people don’t just live in warmer places like here. Every year, tons of people from colder climates migrate south as snowbirds, staying away from the cold. They then return to the north afterwards. But that begs the question; why not just live in the warmer places permanently? That way, you can avoid extreme weather experiences like this incredible blizzard. We here in El Paso seem to like it just fine, after all!

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