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Hemp Based Biofuels? It’s Here!

You are currently viewing Hemp Based Biofuels? It’s Here!
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Hemp-based biofuels are the next step in alternative energy technology. With the “budding” industry now on track to provide an infinite amount of recourses to the clothing industry, manufactured goods, and now the possibility of fuel, is there anything the plant can’t do?

Hemp-Based Biofuels: Benefits

Hemp fuels can provide an excellent source of fuel in order to replace the outdated methods of the fossil fuel industry. Things are moving forward for the plant. With billion-dollar industries moving into the world of hemp cultivation, there will be an influx of plant-derived products (including gas). Many industrialists will eventually move over into recycling the plant biomass.

Extracting Methods

The typical form of extraction can vary. From pressing an astronomical amount of seeds to gain seed oil to full-on extraction via multiple solvents. The results create an improved for of fuel that can not only effectively run in your 1985 Mercedes 300 or VW Microbus, but provide a cleaner and more fuel-efficient standard. This can benefit from cutting down global emissions.

Biofuels In Trucking

One major industry that can benefit from biofuels is trucking. With semi-trucks acting as one of the largest producers of carbon emissions, the focus has shifted to the use of these alternative fuels. The environmental impact of trucking has been a costly one. There is not malignant intent, but in order to transport large quantities of products and goods, the trucks need to burn a bit of fuel. By utilizing recycled plant material, the environment will see an improvement.

What Does Hemp-Based Mean for Diesel Engines?

Biofuels can directly impact consumer vehicles. The use of recycled fuels has been on the minds of many who own older diesel engines. They are typically more durable and can handle anything you throw at it. With cast-iron head gaskets, these engines will last forever. They have made a name for themselves within the biofuel industry.

The culture of converting your old car into a bio-mobile has risen dramatically. With the public eye on foreign oil and the dangers it causes, they have decided to switch to better fuel options. Thus utilizing all forms of recycled plants is the way to go. For some, this results in sneaking behind restaurants and draining their used oil reserves. For others, this means experimentation with different byproducts. The amount of citizens who have made the switch to biofuels is staggering.

Hemp Based Fuels Continue To Grow

With the publics’ interpretation of moving towards a healthier future, no stone has been left unturned. The emerging hemp industry has led to a significant increase in hemp production. The left-over plant material can make perfect fuel for cars and the future. This will continue to grow with every state that decides to fully utilize hemp and cannabis. Thus, environmental hazards will continue to decline.

Ford Hemp Car

In the 1940s the Ford automotive company decided to venture into other territories. They had developed one of the world’s first hemp-based cars. With the design and structure completely built on plant material. The process created a car that was 100 times stronger than steel and ran more efficiently than other cars of the time. Now, this was simply a testament to what the industry could do, but 80 years later, here we are.

Once Ford had completed his design, the industry became completely null overnight. With the inclusion of Henry J. Anslinger to the US Federal Bureau of Narcotics, hemp and the cannabis industry was demonized and put under the federal knife. With the resurgence of the plant, the future is looking much brighter.

The Use of Hemp in Other Industries.

Hemp has an incredible history. Heck, our very own Declaration of Independence was written and signed on it. From textiles to clothing to even fully hemp-run cars, the plant has shown its use time and time again. The industry continues to grow in hopes that one day the use can be seen everywhere.

With the invention of hemp for fuel, it appears that it is here to stay. Unless there is a huge public backlash (which we doubt) then we can only see this industry growing. Hopefully, for those that drive combustible engines, hemp fuel will lead us into tomorrow.

Thought On the Future

Do you have an opinion of the hemp-fuel industry? Perhaps you drive an old biofuel car experiences in experimenting with different fuel types? Have you had success? Well, we want to hear it! Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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