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Hot Wheels Launches A Monster Truck Series

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Hot Wheels has recently launched a monster truck series. The brand is the most popular miniature car maker in India, the first place where they are releasing their new line. Since it is also one of the major car toy makers in the world, it will probably reach other countries soon.

The monster truck series is aimed at the toy market with a focus on children. This means the detailing is enough for kids, but far from an identical replica of the original trucks.

The monster truck models are available in different sizes: 1:64, 1:43 and 1:24 scale. It should be noted that the scale models are way larger than the usual Hot Wheels cars and vehicles.

The body shells are also available in different body shells. As of now, Hot Wheels is releasing for different body shell models. Among them, a ‘70s Dodge Charger R/T shell, which comes with a metal body painted in electric green.

The underbody of the truck is made of plastic and it comes with intricate detailing. It also features a set of fake suspension springs and frame elements that help bring the classic Monster Truck to toy-life.

Even though the suspension unit is not real, it holds the solid wheel axles thoroughly. The faux turbocharger on the bonnet works great to gain points in its visual appeal.

The small Monster Truck costs Rs 999, the equivalent to 14 American Dollars, for the ‘70s Dodge Charger model.

If you love truck models or enjoy collecting car models, this may not be for you. But if you want to have a good time with your kids, these Monster Trucks will surely be of their like! After all, it is never too late to share with your kids some of your passions.

If you enjoy Monster Trucks and want to get some of these toy models in the United States, you might want to keep an eye out for these. But meanwhile, you can have fun with the rest of the Hot Wheels Monster Truck collections!

What do you think about this model? Have you been able to get your hands in one yet? Do your kids enjoy Hot Wheels or Monster Trucks? Don’t forget to leave a comment on our section below!

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