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How to Win a Car at Auction

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Auctions can be among the best places to buy exotic or rare vehicles.
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Considering buying a car at an auction? Auction purchasing is a bit more challenging than your standard purchase. It requires skill and patience that a dealer or person-to-person transaction doesn’t. However, they can get you a great deal on a unique car if you know what you’re doing. Follow these tips from our experts to win the car of your dreams!

Do thorough research

If you’re going to an auction, you will likely be looking for a specific car. This car may be your dream car, or maybe just a rare one that you can’t find anywhere else. Either way, before you go to the auction, make sure you do extensive research on the car you want before hand. You should know what similar cars are going for and what kind of mechanical issues to look out for when you inspect the car. Thorough research is the best way to get a leg up on your auction competition.

Take your time inspecting the car

Before the auction begins, there will be some time for you to inspect the vehicle. Make sure to take your time and be thorough while you do this. If you’re a very knowledgeable car person, ask the owner to pop the hood so you can take a look. If not, it’s a good idea to take someone with you who’s a little more sure of what they’re looking at. This process can give you an idea of whether the car is actually in good condition or not. Therefore, it will let you know what the right bid will be for the quality you’d be getting.

Keep a level head

Auctions are fun. The excitement of watching people outbid one another can make you antsy to get in on the auction. This makes you a worse bidder, however. You’re more likely to bid over your budget or accidentally overpay for a car if you let it get to your head. So, once the auction starts in earnest, try and take some deep breaths and concentrate on your goals. This way, you can make sound bids and stay within your budget.

Of course, once you’ve won your dream car at auction, you’ll need to get it home. El Paso Car Transport can easily bring your win from the auction hall right to your doorstep.

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