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Illegal Immigrants Found Lost and Freezing in Marfa, Texas

You are currently viewing Illegal Immigrants Found Lost and Freezing in Marfa, Texas
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MARFA, Texas — A group of 15 illegal immigrants who were lost in the mountainous desert in Marfa, Texas, were rescued by Marines, said spokesman Roger Maier, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

The group was suffering from extreme hypothermia, Maier said.

Maier said one person died at the scene. The remaining 14 people received medical treatment for distress and hypothermia.

He said the group was rescued from the top of the mountain, where they were located by border agents and Marines. Now, officials will need to determine what to do with this group of people.

Immigrants Found in Texas Originated in Guatemala

It is a group of illegal aliens who had traveled from Guatemala and had been walking through the desert for about a week, Maier said. Officials do not know where their ultimate destination was. However, one can assume that they were trying to get to some kind of city center. Whether that means cutting across to El Paso or somewhere smaller like Fort Davis, they won’t reach that destination now.

The Big Bend area fell under an unexpected winter storm warning on Wednesday. The storm came on quickly, meaning that the immigrants were unable to make preparations. Of course, illegal immigrants also typically don’t have much means to improve their situations.

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