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Is a U.S. Citizen’s Life More Valuable than a Foreign National’s?

You are currently viewing Is a U.S. Citizen’s Life More Valuable than a Foreign National’s?
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Once in your life you surely thought about this question. But you didn’t find an answer. So, what’s the value and meaning of life? Can you say that a U.S. citizen has more values than a foreign national living in the United States? Or does any kind of geographical conditions make you be “more valuable” than the person that came into being in the “undeveloped” world?


These are all questions about the value of life, and there are more of them. And we as a society, which is quick to understand the value of life, criticize those who live in the foreign nation. But the point is, why now think that we are all sacred?


Today, the biggest problem is that we are more concerned about the lives of our pets and we don’t notice the men and women massacred in Mexico and Central America. Or we are more thoughtful about urus wealth than the poverty that our consumer-driven policies create in other nations. We discriminate against other based upon culture, ethnicity or national origin. Moreover, we criticize them because they speak a different language, or they use another word to say, God.


Is it because they are not like us? Are they “others”? Is it easier for us to close eyes to sins against these little issues because we consider those people “led evolved”? in that case, what gives us a right to judge them? Or say their life is “less valuable” than ours?


Why are we not concerned about counting deaths of U.S. citizens in Iraq? Why don’t we have an idea how many Iraqis have died? There are lists of people died in Iraq, so weren’t their lives of value?


Instead, we are more interested in celebrating a famous person’s childbirth rather than celebrating a neighbor’s birthday. After thinking about all these questions, you may be thinking about the values o life.


Look for answers in the closest and familiar people around you., those you care about the most. Look around you, at the wealth that separates people and time that is so short in this age. Ask the questions to yourself and then the others around you. Share some answers.


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