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“Just One Day” To Save Shelter Pets In El Paso

You are currently viewing “Just One Day” To Save Shelter Pets In El Paso
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The El Paso Department of Animal Services will suspend euthanasia for one day taking part in a campaign called “Just One Day”. On Saturday, June 11, it will focus all their resources on helping every shelter animal that can be saved to find home.


“Just One Day” is a national campaign asking shelters all over the country to stop killing savable animals for a day.

Each day 10,411 animals are killed in shelters. The campaign hopes to change that by encouraging shelters to find new creative ways to reach the public and suspend euthanasia for a day, because one day can make a huge difference for thousands of animals across the country.


To encourage people to adopt a pet from a shelter, Animal Services will also waive all adoption fees on Saturday, hosting a promotion with a slogan “No Kill, No Fee”. Even though all fees will be waived, shelters welcome donations.


The event will take place at El Paso Animal Services Shelter Saturday, June 11, from 10AM to 5PM. Pets will be available on a first come, first served basis.

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