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Keeping Cool All Summer Long

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Staying hydrated is incredibly important in the summer months.
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This summer is looking to be a hot one, so finding ways to keep cool is extremely important. Whether you have summer vacations planned or are simply looking forward to a summer at home, there are ways in which you can ensure a safe and fun summer! When it comes to beating the heat, here are our top safety tips!

Stay Hydrated

While this tip is quite prevalent in this day and age, it is still an important one to remember. When it is extremely hot out, you produce sweat to regulate your body temperature and, in that sweat, you release important nutrients and the water in your body. In order to replenish the water and nutrients that you lose, you have to drink more water than you would on a not hot day. With your water, it is important to also get in electrolytes, as these will provide you nutrients that you lose with sweat and will help prevent dehydration. You can use supplements or drink things like Gatorade, Powerade, or Pedialyte to get your nutrients in.

Keep Kids and Pets in Mind

Kids and animals are not able to regulate body temperature the same way adult humans can. If you leave them in a hot car, they will very likely suffer from heat-related illnesses. Do not under any circumstance leave your children or animals in non-temperature controlled spaces.

Dress Accordingly

When it comes to getting dressed for summer heat, there is a lot more you can do aside from wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts. You also want to be sure to wear loose fitting clothing with material that is breathable. Additionally, wearing light colors helps avoid heat as dark colors absorb sunlight more than light colors.

Avoid Strenuous Activities in the Afternoon

Peak heat hits most often in the afternoon, between noon and four p.m. most often. Be sure to stay safe and avoid heat related illnesses by avoiding activities that require too much movement at that time. If possible, stay indoors and stay in air conditioned spaces as much as possible.

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