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Kia Sweden Spills the Beans on 2023 PHEV and EV Specs

You are currently viewing Kia Sweden Spills the Beans on 2023 PHEV and EV Specs
Kia PHEVs and EV Specs
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Kia has shared some of the enhanced specs that are going to arrive with the second-generation 2023 Niro Hybrid, but not the Niro PHEV or Niro EV last month.

Since last Summer, the automaker and its Niro have been hanging out at or near the top of the sales charts in Sweden. The Kia Sweden is going to drop intel. Its focuses on what’s coming for the additional two powertrains. Starting with the PHEV, its 1.6-liter four-cylinder benefits from a larger 11.1-kWh battery. Also, more powerful electric motor with 80 horsepower. This is going off Kia Sweden’s spec sheet for the Niro PHEV. It is for those figures do represent increases of 2.1-kWh and 23 hp. The all-electric driving range goes up by 11 kilometers on the WLTP cycle, to 60 km (37 miles).

Also, this claim we can’t figure out is when Kia Sweden says it is a more powerful motor. It does raise system output to 183 horsepower. Back to the spec sheet, the current Swedish Niro PHEV makes the same 139 combined horsepower as ours. It goes from the 104-hp ICE and 60-hp e-motor. Kia Sweden did not mention an output increase for the four-cylinder ICE output for the 2023 Niro Hybrid’s engine didn’t change. Without that, we are clear how 23 more electric HP can add up to 44 more system HP in Scandinavia. It is almost like someone just adding the ICE output to the e-motor output.

Therefore, it is one point of confusion with the Niro EV specs when we are giving them as well. The Swedes say their e-Niro still uses the same 201-hp electric motor as the current model but cites a torque figure of 255 Nm when their own brochure for the current model does list torque at 395 Nm, or 291 pound-feet. However, there is a slightly larger battery is credited with having 64.8 kWh instead of 64 kWh. It will bump the estimated WLTP electric driving range from 455 kilometers to 463 kilometers, or about five miles.

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