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Local Fire Station Approved For $1.4 Million Makeover Budget

You are currently viewing Local Fire Station Approved For $1.4 Million Makeover Budget
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El Paso and the City Council had approved many renovations for the older fire station in Northeast El Paso, That said, Wednesday showed up with the council ready to approve about $1.4 million to renovate Fire Station 16 that had been located at 3828 Hercules Avenue.

The renovations, according to City Engineer Yvette Hernandez, had mentioned how the renovations will be part of an effort to update older stations in order to meet the code.

But in regards to the remodeling, there’s plenty of reassurance that the renovations are including electrical changes, and interior breakdowns, allowing therefore, for doors to become ADA accessible, as well as upgrading plumbing and floor tiles.

All, in all, it allows the typical firefighter to stay safe in the community. It’s likely that the project will kick off in the Spring and take as long as until 2025 to end.

As is, there are five fire stations updated, where four are perpetually in design, four more happen to be in procurement and two more of them stay under their construction.

Such fire station renovations are coordinated ahead of time with the fire departments so as to not impact the service negatively.

But Why Do The Firemen Need The Renovations?

Likely, the most important reason happens to be that the firefighters are constantly on the move, and don’t have the time to continuously inspect their protection when it comes to this housing structure that they all reside in at once. It’s a much stronger idea for firemen to make available the means to keep their firehouse constantly updated. This sort of thing matters very strongly. If you don’t have a safe house, well then how can you tell you’re safe yourself? Can you really be okay with the tremendous paranoia that comes out and scares you to shreds.

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