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Lucid Air Is No Longer Up In The Air: Production Underway

You are currently viewing Lucid Air Is No Longer Up In The Air: Production Underway
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Lucid is a car brand that no one ever so coming. Alas, they are the ones that tend to lead the way when it comes to having a quality-level of production. It takes a high and mighty level of ingenuity when it comes to designing a revolutionary vehicle like this. It holds on to an amazing style of quality-design. This is distinguished by a factory-commissioning ceremony to celebrate the production commencement of the Lucid Air sedan.

Recently, these vehicles were driven off the line, showing that the Lucid Air has been receiving full EPA and FVMSS safety certification. Customer deliveries for the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition are supposedly beginning in late October, soon to be followed by other variants. And as it stands, currently, the Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-1) is able to construct the vehicles alone. Additionally, the Lucid Powertrain Manufacturing (LPM-1) facility is just as able to create the components necessary to fuel this machine. This being evident in such examples like the motor, the differential, and the inverter assembly. This assembly has the capacity to fit into carry-on luggage. The “Wunderbox” two-way onboard charger supports a 19.2-kilowatt AC battery. This can give off at least 300-kilowatts in DC fast charging.

With a limited production cap of the Dream Edition being set at 520 cars, the plant is also planning to create the $139,000 Lucid Air Grand Touring. This model is able to produce about 800 horsepower. Not to mention that it has a range of about 516 miles equipped in it. This comes with the 19-inch wheels and tires. Production for the low-cost Touring and Pure models typically follow suit after receiving the EPA Certifications.

Furthermore, the AMP-1 plant looks to set up production for an SUV model currently known as Project Gravity. Nothing else is currently as public as these facts. The portal for the SUV hasn’t quite been open on the website yet, be we hold hope.

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