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My Car Doesn’t Run; Can You Ship It?

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Sometimes we can ship vehicles that can't move at all!
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One car transport situation that we encounter a lot in this business is people trying to ship non-running cars. It makes sense: when your car can’t drive, what other option do you have for getting it somewhere? Car transport for cars that don’t run can be challenging, though, depending on the specific circumstances of a specific car. Learn more about the limits of car transport for a vehicle that doesn’t run.

Your car doesn’t run, but it does roll and brake.

In this instance, your car’s engine doesn’t work, but everything else does. This is just like transporting a car that hasn’t been turned on. And there is good news: this kind of car transport is easy! It takes slightly more work than cars that can drive themselves, but we handle this kind of transport often. With either a hydraulic lift or winch system, it’s not a huge challenge to get your car onto our car carriers and get out on the road. If this is your situation, then worry not: El Paso Car Transport can handle your car!

Your car doesn’t brake.

If your car steers but doesn’t break, then things get a little bit more complicated. Though we secure your car onto our carriers with heavy-duty straps, we also rely on the car’s brakes to make absolutely sure that they stay in place. In these situations, we look at the size of the vehicle for guidance. Smaller, lighter vehicles will likely still be fine to ship as the straps should be enough to keep them firmly in place. For larger vehicles like pickup trucks, we’ll have to decide on a case-by-case basis. If we know that we can keep your vehicle in place on our carrier, then we’ll ship it for you!

Your car is completely immobile.

Some cars simply can’t move at all. Maybe it was in a significant accident that destroyed its suspension. Maybe it has no suspension at all! These cars present unique challenges for transporters, and we’re no exception. In order to ship these cars, we would need to utilize a forklift to get your car safely and securely onto a flatbed trailer. If you have your own forklift (for instance, if you’re a dealer), then we can usually help you out. Otherwise, you’ll have to give us a call at (915) 206-5959 to see if we can handle your special case.

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