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New App To Avoid Traffic In El Paso

You are currently viewing New App To Avoid Traffic In El Paso
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Texas Department of Transportation launches a project called Metropia in El Paso. Metropia is an app designed to help drivers avoid areas with a lot of traffic.


Before the official launch after which the app will be available to everyone in El Paso, 500 drivers will get an exclusive access to test it being a part of Metropia Pioneer Program. It will help the developers make the app even more effective in assisting drivers in navigating the city.


Metropolia is already actively used in Austin and Tucson helping drivers find better routes with less congestion. This kind of app is what El Paso needs because of the city’s growth that results in traffic problems. According to the statistics by Texas Department of Transportation, El Paso has three of the most congested stretches of highways in Texas. Traffic cause the delays that cost $41 million annually.


Metropia will be a great tool to build a less congested community in El Paso, especially considering a level of construction planned for the city for the next few years. There are several freeway projects Texas Department of Transportation is currently working on. The users who test the app and provide feedback will help it make work even more successfully.

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Kendra

    That’s a great idea. I didn’t realize traffic delays could be so costly! Now they just need to make apps like this for more cities, including LA!

  2. EL Paso Amy

    I’m all for less traffic, but not sure this is the solution. There are already other great, social navigation apps with real time updates out there. I doubt one that is local to this area could keep up with technology as well as an existing app. I hope I’m wrong, because if it works well that would be great.

  3. gabriela

    i like this idea Metropia is a good application for any driver . befor we found problem when we been in areas with a lot of traffic . but nox Metropia give us the solution to avoid this problem

  4. Jacob

    I’m all for less traffic! Im interested in just how easy it is to use while driving though since we are not suppose to be on our phones. I’m sure they have thought of this and I’m hoping its more of an automatic thing once you set your destination. Can’t wait to test this out for myself!

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