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New ID Card Program Made For Locals Without Driver’s Licenses

You are currently viewing New ID Card Program Made For Locals Without Driver’s Licenses
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As it turns out, the City Council in El Paso is in full support of a new municipal identification card program for folks without state IDs.

On Tuesday, or today, the city Council made the decision to implement this identification program for people who are simply without the ability to obtain drivers licenses or state identification cards. This is especially crucial for unhoused citizens, undocumented immigrants, and even underage Texans. Because when you have an identification you in the eyes of the state, have a visibility that can be accounted for without extra paperwork or involvement from the authorities.

This also works well for transgender citizens, displaced veterans, individuals with insecure home status and even mixed status families.

Because of this unanimous vote, the city Council will allow a manager to analyze the feasibility of this program and outlined the benefits of issuing Elpaso city identification cards for the betterment of the community and the residents that reside there.

But this wasn’t always so easy for the city of El Paso…

The Border Network for Human Rights has been constantly hounding the city of El Paso to introduce such a program since 2014. However El Paso, in their greatest of efforts, failed to implement this the last time back in 2017 and has since yet to introduce a new effort until now.

indirectly, this move makes minced meat out of the growing concern for undocumented immigrants entering the United States from Mexico. And rightly so, because unlike former President Trump, the belief that undocumented individuals are committing crimes within the states is totally and without a doubt important to rebel against, when the same type of treatment is issued to innocent families.

And why shouldn’t we have our separate IDs? The whole point of being an American is truly just to go ahead and say “hey, I’ve exercised the right to exist! Now, let me eat my pizza!” I dislike how every time a citizen or even a local—doesn’t have to be documented—tries to do something within the great state of Texas, they have to or absolutely must be stopped because they do not have the so-called intelligence to maintain an identification, according to the system. Well that’s not fair! That’s not fair to anybody at all because the truth of the matter is there’s too much happening for life to be normal or considered a “norm” for everyone, when anyone can agree no two lives have the same paths. The very idea that every American is created equally, while true, is false because people’s situations aren’t created equally. They’re created diversely and sometimes without a pang of mercy.

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