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NTSB lists top transport issues

You are currently viewing NTSB lists top transport issues
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The National Transportation Safety Board just released its latest findings on transport issues. Specifically, it published a “Most Wanted” list of problems to fix in transportation.

Mostly, the list described how technology is growing within the logistics industry. Furthermore, it indicated how technology is both a problem as well as a helpful solution for many issues.

The NTSB came up with this list after examining accidents and deaths related to transportation throughout the previous year.

What’s Causing Problems in Trucking

Furthermore, the report singled out human error as a top cause of accidents and problems.

Specifically, the NTSB named fatigue and distracted driving as common issues.

Furthermore, the NTSB wants truckers and trucking company owners to focus on these two issues. Additionally, the list provided guidelines on how to do this.

The first issue presented is fatigue. The NTSB recommends drivers make sleep a priority in their schedules. Furthermore, they recommend communication between drivers, dispatchers, and owners at all times.

Additionally, if a trucker isn’t getting the sleep he or she feels they need, they should feel like they can bring this up. The NTSB stresses that no one should feel like they can’t bring this up if it’s a problem. Owners of trucking companies should always make sure their truckers are getting enough time to rest properly.

Furthermore, there should be strict rules preventing distracted driving. Truckers should not be texting, making phone calls, or looking at maps while behind the wheel and driving. Ultimately, these distractions are not worth potentially causing an accident.

The NTSB recommends working with the driver to plan out the route ahead of time, in order to limit potential distractions.

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