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One Week Passed Since Hurricane Harvey Hit Texas

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Already one week has passed since Hurricane Harvey which was demoted to a tropical depression on Wednesday hit the Texas coast. Though the rainfall declined, the floodwaters are still receding. It will take weeks if not months from Houston to return to its normal life.

Here are some important things you should know:

Hurricane Harvey Hit Texas with a Morning explosion

August 24’s (Thursday) morning began with an explosion at a flooded-out chemical plant in Texas, Crosby.

Arkema Inc. was notified about two explosions at 2 a.m. by the Harris County Emergency Operations Center. The company also learned of black smoke which was coming from its Crosby plant.

Those areas located in the eastern part of Houston are in very bad condition

  • Jasper County Mark Allen issued a compulsory evacuation for Texas residents who live near Neches River as the level of the river was expected to crest more than six fits above its last record. This could foster to extreme floods, which could be a serious threat to residents’ life when joined with the Harvey brought heavy rainfall.
  • According to a news release issued by the city on Thursday morning, the city of Beaumont home for about 120,000 people lost its water supply because of the Harvey. Officials report that they have to wait for the floodwaters withdraw before evaluating the extent of the injury to their water pump.
  • The city of Jefferson which has about 660.000 population got a warning about massive flooding by the Corps of Engineers on Wednesday evening.
  • The constituents of Tyler County was given a strong message: “Evacuate immediately or die.” Late Wednesday Tyler County Emergency Management department posted on Facebook that the level of water in the river would rise. The post cautioned that the inhabitants of Mt. Neches, Barlow Lake Estates, Works Bluff, and Sheffield Ferry should immediately evacuate. In addition, the residents were also warned: “to write their social security numbers in permanent marker on their arm so their bodies can be identified.”

U.S. leaders take steps to support Texas residents during Hurricane Harvey

  • Federal officials are looking for ways in order to help Texas residents to overcome storm-ravaged coast. On Tuesday President Trump visited Texas. According to various reports, he is going to come back to the state this weekend in order to visit Houston which was the most damaged area because of the Harvey.
  • Sarah Huckabee, White House Press Secretary said that the president is “looking into some different options” in order to make some personal donations for Hurricane relief.

Though the storm is backing off the damage is still there

  • Six more people died overnight. As the Associated Press announces the most recent death involved a man who stepped on an electrical wire in floodwater. The wire was live. Other deaths were because of drowning.
  • Houston continues to move ahead despite the recent tragedies. City’s light rail system, as well as bus service, will start starting from Thursday. Trash collection of the city began Wednesday evening.
  • Sylvester Turner: Houston Mayor said that the Police of Houston made 18 people water resources overnight. “Crisis ebbing but far from over. Our first responders are saving lives every hour.”

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