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Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport

If you are thinking to ship your car, you might already know that there are two methods of car shipping: Enclosed Auto Transport and Open Car Transport. While the first option sure offers the best protection, the majority of people still use the second option. If you don’t know which one will work for you better, there are some factors that will help you make the right choice. Usually, it is rather simple to decide what kind of auto shipping fits your situation better. Let’s take a look at what open auto transport is best for.

It is affordable

That is the main reason most auto transport clients choose Open Car Transport. If you are going through relocation, you probably don’t want to spend extra money on auto transport. Open auto shipping is the best way to save on moving a car.

It is safe

Although enclosed car shipping will protect your car even from dust or raindrops, these things are not something your everyday car can’t handle. Open car shipping is perfectly safe for cars moving, so you won’t have to worry about that.

It is more available

Because the demand on open auto shipping is higher, there are more available open car carriers. That means that it is easier to book this kind of auto transport and get a pick-up for your vehicle faster.

Open Car Transport with El Paso Car Transport

El Paso Car Transport is happy to offer both Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping. If you are not sure what’s best for your El Paso Auto Shipping, our agents are always there to help you make the right choice. They will also provide you with a free quote. We also offer special discounts for many of our clients!

El Paso Car Transport will be happy to transport you!