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Children Killed From A High-Speed Car Crash Mourned

You are currently viewing Children Killed From A High-Speed Car Crash Mourned
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EL PASO, TX – The effects that come from surviving a car crash are beyond scarring. There’s a sense of guilt that overcomes you, even if you didn’t cause the accident. Suddenly, all the events leading up to the collision make you think how easily this avoidable this all was. And how dumb you feel for having being hit anyway, regardless of whose fault it was. However, if anything’s for certain, it’s that the pain is ten times worse when children are brought in the mix.

Sunday, September 20th saw a quiet El Paso neighborhood witness terror at it’s fastest. On the corner of Titanic and Howard, a family of five children, a mother and a father were struck in their 2001 Ford Expedition by a reckless 2000 Lincoln LS. While the Lincoln occupants made a quick getaway, it was a pained amount of time for the family to process.

Or, who was left of them.

Three of the children were no more. Two brothers, 6 and 5 years old along with their sister, only a year, had not survived the accident. Meanwhile, a 13-year old girl and her remaining brother, a 2-year old, suffered from life-threatening injuries. They were immediately brought to the hospital.

Factors involving the crash include a failure to yield the right of way, improper seatbelt-wearing in the SUV and alcohol in the Lincoln.

As a result, the Lincoln rushed the SUV at high-speed, crushing the vehicle into a wall of rocks and sending three children flying out of their seats. Upon contact with the ground, the children died shortly after.

Currently, there’s only one nameless person that is under arrest.

You may contact the Crime Stoppers of El Paso, Incorporated for any tips on the suspects involved with the deaths of those childrenĀ at (915) 566-TIPS.

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  1. Lori Arredondo

    I am very sorry this happened. Will parents be charged with child endangerment?

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