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Pizza Delivery Cars: Top 5

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Pizza delivery ruins cars. That is why it is safe to typically purchase a used, beat vehicle to get the job done. With the expenses of maintaining a car for regular driving, drivers have to compensate more than just that in order to get your pizza on time. These vehicles you can buy on the super cheap, crash them into shopping carts, and cheaply keep the bare minimum maintenance to stay on the road.

Old Honda Civic Hatchback

pizza delivery

Anything with Honda in the name will present a reliable, relatively cheap to fix the car. If you live and work in a city, these guys will go for miles without the proper maintenance. Heck, back when I had one, I tried to kill it by not putting oil in it for months. Even after that, I had found a pizza delivery driver willing to fork over 700 bucks in order to get back and forth to work. Anything typically ’99 or older will do the job just fine.

Old Ford Escort

pizza delivery

A Ford Escort can be the perfect pizza delivery vehicle if it has the basic maintenance to drive. You can find used ones for super cheap online or any bare-bones car seller. Craigslist can also be your best bet. Just change the brakes, change the oil, make sure everything actually runs, and you’re good to go. You might need to fork over a little cash to replace some parts, but its a Ford. You’re going to have an easy and relatively cheap time repairing any basic maintenance on the vehicle. Just make sure that any issues are worth less than the car itself.

Toyota AE86

This car was built for speed. Originally developed from the mid-late ’80s, the Toyota AE86 has the perfect balance of low cost/maintenance combined with the racing spirit of every delivery driver. You’ll have no problem making that delivery in 15 minutes or less when you sit behind the wheel of this awesome pizza wagon.

Geo Tracker

In case you need to deliver a pizza to the top of Mt. Fuji, the GEO Tracker is the be-all-end-all pizza rocket. The best gas mileage ever build-out of a non-hybrid or electric vehicle. This guy is small, light-weight can be fixed easily, and has an engine with some awesome pep in its step. Again, the reliability factor here is key. This car is easy to maintain and can be fixed on the cheap. On top of that, it has 4×4 capabilities. You’ll make that 15 minute delivery time in 14 minutes with this bad boy.

Runner Up

We here at El Paso Car Transport genuinely took a hard look at what makes the best pizza delivery car. Our experts took in-depth and scientific analyses through countless vehicles, either through experience, or reviews. We came up with a pretty awesome list, but unfortunately, we couldn’t include them in the list. Well, we did it anyways. Here are three more cars that didn’t quite make it.

Pizza Delivery Runner up Third Place: AMC Pacer

Yeah, dude. Everyone (including myself) thought this car was going to be the #1 car on our list, unfortunately, it just didn’t have what it took. I mean, who wouldn’t want the “Mirthmobile” from Waynes World to pull up with a fat stack of pizzas?

Pizza Delivery Runner up Second Place: Peel P-50

pizza delivery

Imagine the Smart Car “ForTwo” and make it way less safe, give it one less wheel and make it smaller. The gas mileage is great, the safety standards are low, and it’s cheap to fix. Unfortunately, you can’t drive this in the US, but you can in England! It actually meets all the standard safety and protocols to be considered road-legal in the UK. It’s unfortunate because all you would have to do is bungie-cord the pizza’s to the roof and off you go.

Pizza Delivery Runner up First Place: Jet Pack

pizza delivery

Again, we took an extremely in-depth analysis in order to present you with the most scientific pizza research possible. We used a TON of science. Unfortunately, A jetpack is neither inexpensive, easy to fix or cheap, but it’s so cool. Imagine flying around delivering pizzas to everyone. Better yet, if a jetpack can be used to deliver pizza’s, then obviously they’re around for personal use. Why would you need to have a pizza delivered to you via jetpack when you could simply jet pack your way to the pizza shop?

The #1 Best Pizza Delivery Vehicle: Toyota Tercel

The Tercel makes the #1 spot here. Safety, cheap repairs, reliability, and gas mileage all make this guy the perfect pizza packer. From its effective 35-40 mpg, to the Toyota reliability, this 4-banger engine can take a beating and by the time you purchase one, it probably will have already taken one. It’s totally cool though, good luck trying to kill this thing.

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