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Plans in Place to Deal with Flux in Border Traffic Shuffle Mess

You are currently viewing Plans in Place to Deal with Flux in Border Traffic Shuffle Mess
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Plans are in place to handle the border traffic coming into a Southern city in a Southern state. As of midnight, the non-essential travel from Mexico to the United States is going to resume as usual. Moreover, there are thousands of people that will be expected to travel into the local city once the border does reopen.

Plans and Getting Ready for Crossings

“Moreover, we do, in fact, expect to have crossings that will increase overnight starting on the eighth. Therefore, we do need to be ready for that,” said David Coronado. He is the managing director for international bridges and economic development.

Then, Coronado said, the city is going to reinstate the P3 program. It will allow more Border Patrol agents to be called in to help with the rush.

Opening Additional Lanes

The CBP’s overtime is going to be going from 350 hours to approximately 1,000 hours a month with this program.

Coronado said that is going to allow them to open these additional lanes, said Coronado said. “In fact, they are going to be doing that for both the vehicle and pedestrian at the El Paso del Norte and the Ysleta bridge.”

The El Paso Police Department said the city is going to be increasing overtime hours.

Now, the EPPD is going to get an additional 300 hours a month.

The police are going to be helpful with traffic control and the people that cross once their shift does end, Coronado said.

The Need for More Officers

“There is a need for more additional officers is crucial for us,” added Coronado. “In fact, the South Staton Bridge is the one at this moment now we are, in fact, seeing a lot of pressure put by drivers.”

People pay for crossing that does help pay for the overtime CBP, Coronado said. These are fees and also are what the police department is going to be using.

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