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Police Officer Blocks Traffic To Help Driver Having Seizures

You are currently viewing Police Officer Blocks Traffic To Help Driver Having Seizures
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In Tucson, the police have released a dashboard video of an officer helping a driver who was having seizures by using a patrol car.

Sergeant Martin Espinoza has used his patrol car as a blockade to prevent the driver from moving into oncoming traffic. The incident happened on Sept, 30.

The vehicle was going westbound and drifted into oncoming traffic. Sergeant Espinoza placed his patrol car between the traffic and the vehicle. The speed of the vehicle was very low when it collided with the patrol car. Therefore, the crash caused very little damage to either vehicle.

Officer Saves Driver Having Seizures

Using his patrol car, Sgt. Espinoza then guided the driver to a safe stop. He was then able to help get the driver the treatment that they needed for their condition. Hopefully, they will make a full recovery.

By removing this person from the highway, the officer not only potentially saved their life, but likely the lives of others on the road. Cars moving in erratic patterns can be incredibly dangerous, even as traffic slows down in front of them. They can wreak havoc on the roads as well as any barriers that they may collide with. On top of that, any accident that they cause will likely lead to significant debris on the road, worsening the danger of being out on the road. We’re glad that this officer did what he could do to keep the road safe for all to use.

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